Going Off The Grid -  By James Sanderson

Switching to Solar and Wind Power for under $200? Check how it's possible to get off the grid by building a professional system in your own backyard.


So you want to go off the grid? There are several different reasons why you may consider this. One of the most important is the escalating cost of electric energy and utilities, but also the growing dependence on non-renewable resources and global warming, tightening government control, etc.

There are many different options, mostly dependent on your location - it will be different for urban living and for a large acreage miles away from city life.

Living off the grid can mean supplying your own electric energy - either photovoltaic (solar), wind or hydro power, but also growing your own food or living in an environmentally friendly way.

Supplying your own electricity is a first step of becoming independent from the grid.

To me - doing it slowly was the way to go. First - I've cut most of my TV time. This way I stopped the constant bombardment of the propaganda, advertising and lies. Then I've assessed my REAL energy needs.
I think this is the most important part of going off the grid - differentiating between your needs and wants.

Switching to solar panels or wind mill generator doesn't mean you have to give up every creature comfort. For example -  to me - giving up my computer time and the Internet connection was absolutely out of the question. (Also this is how I make my living). Switching to energy efficient appliances or propane powered rather than electric can save a lot of "juice" you'd need.

Once you know your electric energy needs you can start the planning process. Of course it's different if you want to go completely off the grid or produce your own electric power during favourable season and use the grid power at other times. If you want to stay connected on and off - you have another option of beefing up your set up to supply all of your needs and sell the surplus back to the grid.

How about switching to solar and wind power generator for under $200?

Going off the grid in smaller steps won't create a big burden on your finances. If you are a DIY (do it yourself) person - you will be able to save a bundle. There is a guide available that will take the guessing game out of switching to solar and / or wind power and I highly recommend it.

Click here to check it out

Here's why I recommend it.

The reason why I recommend it is because I followed their plans and the results were great. The manual is written in easy to understand English with clear illustrations and basically anybody can build their solar and wind power system without a degree in engineering.

 In my opinion, this is way more superior and far more effective than any of the other books and videos I've tried. Obviously everyone is different but it has worked extremely well for me.  I wish you every success!


James Sanderson


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